Friday, December 30, 2011

Rules of Happiness - Follow Your Bliss

“When you follow your bliss, doors will open
where you would not have thought there
would be doors; and where there wouldn't be
a door for anyone else.” – Joseph Campbell

In life, it’s easy to end up in the “wrong place.”

We’re doing a job we hate. We’re living with people we
dislike. We’re keeping secrets, when we’d rather be open and

We get stuck and don’t feel authentic, because we’re not
truly doing what we want.

Does that sound like you?

If so, you need to find what makes you truly happy.

American mythologist Joseph Campbell summed up that
process of seeking your own true happiness and authenticity
in three simple words: “Follow your bliss.”

Sometimes in life, we all stray and lose direction. We’re halfway
up a ladder we didn’t want to climb, rather than at the
bottom of one that we do. By not following our bliss, we
permanently limit our happiness and stop ourselves truly
enjoying our lives.

Are you following your bliss?

One thing bliss is not – and that’s money.

Bliss is what you’re doing when you’re wrapped up in the
moment. When you’re so thrilled just to be doing it, it ceases
even to be work anymore. Your bliss occurs when you’re
living in the moment, and time doesn’t really matter

My bliss is helping to run a number of really big businesses,
while teaching self-development. In fact, I love it so much
that I’m typing this rule while on holiday in Thailand. It’s not
for the money, it’s for the pleasure. I’m immersed in my own

So, what’s YOUR bliss?

You may love teaching tube surfing on the beaches of
Australia. Or running your own small accountancy firm. Or
helping teenagers discover and appreciate the world of art.

When you were a child, and played with a kite, you were
immersed in your bliss.

As an adult, what makes you feel like that again? And how
can you increase that in your life?

Follow your bliss.

You know, I have a theory that absolutely everyone in life
knows what they need to do in order to become happy. It’s
just that most aren’t brave enough to take the steps to do it.

So, that’s your challenge.


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